Julia Bell

Photo: Peter Clark

Photo: Peter Clark

is a writer and Senior Lecturer at Birkbeck College, London where she is the Course Director of the successful Creative Writing MA.

She is the author of three novels, most recently The Dark Light. The co editor of the Creative Writing Coursebook - which will be updated and re-released later this year, as well as three volumes of short stories.

She runs the live literature night In Yer Ear which is producing its first anthology in 2018 in collaboration with Wicked Hag Music in Berlin.

Most recently she has been writing essays and poetry. She also likes taking photographs. She divides her time between London and Berlin.

To write a good book you have to have certain qualities. Great art is connected with courage and truthfulness. There is a conception of truth, a lack of illusion, an ability to overcome selfish obsessions, which goes with good art, and the artist has got to have that particular sort of moral stamina. Good art, whatever its style, has qualities of hardness, firmness, realism, clarity, detachment, justice, truth. It is the work of a free, unfettered, uncorrupted imagination . . .
— Iris Murdoch